What You Can Do With e-Interview

The e-Interview before the Interview

e-Interview allows you to interview your applicants before you actually meet them, allowing you to get a quick view of their personality, clarity of speech, and how they present themselves

Ask competency based questions

You can set up your own questions, so asking job specific, competency based questions will allow you to quickly gauge whether the applicants has the basic knowledge needed for the job

Limit the time of the e-interview

With e-interview, you can decide how much time the applicant has to answer each question, ensuring more concise answers

Present a v-Vitae

Instead of the traditional CV, your applicants can now submit a video CV, or v-Vitae, where they can provide an overview of their skills, qualifications and experience in video format. This allows for a more personal presentation of your applicants

The e-Interview Process

Create e-Interview Profiles

An interview profile is where you create a set of questions with specific time-limits per question.

Setup a project

Create a project with a deadline and select the interview profile.

Email interview invites to applicants

The system allows you to send invites directly from the system, or generate a generic link that you can email from your own email account.

View interview video

After the applicant has completed the interview, you will receive a notification of completion. You will then be able to log into your account and view your applicants e-interview.

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